Brushing Hair
  1. Eat Well: We suggest you start with whole eggs which are known for helping promote lustrous hair. Healthy proteins are also important as you hair is protien discharge. Vitamin C and E are also beneficial.
  2. Use A Shower Filtration System: It has been estimated that up to 8 cups of chlorine can be absorbed by your hair in the shower.
  3. Use Natural Hair Products: Stay away from hair products that contain alcohol. go for products that use a lot of essential oils and plant based ingredients.
  4. Be Gentle: Use a wide tooth comb. Don't pull on your hair when brushing it as this will cause breakage.
  5. Don't Shampoo Everyday: It is important to keep your scalp clean, but if you can keep from shampooing daily this will extend the life of your hair color.
  6. Get Some Sleep: And avoid feeling stressed. We suggest yoga or meditation. It will make you and your hair happy.

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